After 30 years in this trade we have a pretty good idea of what customers in the South West want from their wine merchant.....

 There are 3 main areas we focus on...


Source Outstanding Wine

Getting the wine bit right is vital and we spend an incredible amount of time ensuring that we have a world class range. Led by a Master of Wine, we buy everything we can direct from the producers and taste again and again to ensure that the bottles we present you are the very best in their class.


Convey Story & Passion

We are passionate wine people fascinated by the people and places that shape the wines we talk about.

We tell you the stories well so that you can convey them in a way that works for your business.


Deliver unbeatable Service

Our own warehousing in Tavistock with our own fleet of vans.  Every element right down to list design is managed in-house so that we deliver on our promises.